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What is
Old Dominion?

The Old Dominion is the nickname of Virginia, our home state. Each state in the United States has a nickname. For example, Florida is The Sunshine State, and New York is The Empire State. The states have many other official symbols and emblems, too. Some symbols are respectable. Virginia's state bird is the Northern Cardinal, and the state flower is the Flowering Dogwood. But some of the symbols are trivial or silly. Virginia's state insect is the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. We also have an official state bat (denevér).

A list of official state symbols can be found at this web site, which is where we found the Seal of Virginia that is in the header, above.

When we started our company, we chose the name Old Dominion for two reasons. First, we wanted something that is associated with Virginia. Second, we wanted a name that Hungarians can pronounce correctly.

Your Teacher

Your teacher will be Doug Coppage, an American who has been living in Vác since 2005. He grew up in Virginia.

Like most Americans, he went to public schools and learned to drive as a teenager. He met his wife at the University of Virginia. They were married in 1985.

Photo of Doug Photo of Doug Photo of Doug Photo of Doug

Doug has two degrees from the University: a Bachelor of Science in Education (Secondary Mathematics) and a Master of Computer Science. He has worked as a schoolteacher, a computer programmer, a software tester, and a multimedia specialist. He volunteered as an interpreter for the Deaf for ten years. He now maintains a baseball field in Vác and coaches a team for kids.

He has traveled through a lot of the United States, to Africa, Australia, and several European countries. He and his family lived in Budapest from 2002 to 2004, and after a year in Virginia, they came to Vác in 2005.

Doug's education, work experience, and general knowledge allow him to speak about the following topics:

...and many other things, too!