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7:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Értünk magyarul!

We usually understand written Hungarian. It's okay to send an SMS message or e-mail in Hungarian. Telephone conversations in a foreign language are very difficult!

Angol: brit
vagy amerikai?

You probably learnt British English in school. We learned American English as children.

Most differences between American English and British English are harmless. We can easily understand these variations:

But some differences can be embarassing, or even dangerous!

There are also some pronunciation problems. For example, Am. loft is pronounced almost the same as Br. laughed. The pronunciation of can't is different and sometimes causes problems.

If you can read this, then we can help you.

Old Dominion Bt. in downtown Vác is not an English school. It is an English-teaching service. We teach English, including technical English, to people who usually have pre-intermediate (or higher) knowledge of English. USA Flag The real advantage is this: Your teacher was born and educated in the United States.

YOU are the boss!

You choose the topics, and during the conversation we give you what you need: vocabulary, expressions, idioms, and corrections. Äll the important parts of the English language will appear in our conversations: grammar, special words, culture, hidden messages, etc. If you don't know where to begin, we can help you find a good starting point.

What does Old Dominion do?

Conversation, Conversation, Conversation!

You want to speak better English. We help you by following your interests.


We can proofread any English text that you provide—your CV, a PowerPoint presentation, web page material, etc. NOTE: We do not offer proofreading to school students who are writing an assignment for an English class!

Help with Common Problems

We have lived in Vác since 2005, and we are familiar with the parts of English that are difficult for Hungarians:

Call or write, and find out how far you can go!